Sweet Bubbles



Sweet Bubbles (Callisia repens variegata) is a variegated plant which displays dreamy pink and cream foliage amongst the traditional green leaves. The variegated element of this plant does require a higher level of maintenance than its traditional form. The key to keeping the variegation in your plant is to place it in a spot of bright indirect light and maintain the green foliage to allow the pink/cream to thrive. The Sweet Bubbles grow as a compact pot plant with trailing foliage that can get as long as 60 cm.

 Habitat: Regularly trim the green foliage to allow pink/cream foliage to flourish
Light: Requires bright indirect sunlight
Water: Water at least once a week, enough to keep the soil moist. Adjust the watering frequency based on temperature and light levels.
Soil: Well-drained soil or potting mix
Fertiliser: Fertilise once a month during active growth stages.

14CM size pot

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