Zamioculcas otherwise known as the ZZ plant is an air purifying plant that thrives on neglect. 

 Zamioculcas like very dry conditions so you only need to water approx once a month!

Attractive high gloss deep green foliage, easy to grow indoor house plant. 


If you have been searching for a great indoor plant that not only looks great, but needs minimal care, then this is the plant for you.

A plant of distinguished features, the ZZ plant stands out from its counterparts with its unique spiral structure and high gloss, deep green foliage, it grows 60-90cm tall. The ZZ plants is resilient against drought, neglect, dry air, low light and bugs! Impressively acts as a bio-filtration system that works to purify the air. This makes it extremely appealing for office environments, retail complexes, retirement centres, hospitals, schools and homes.

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