Basilur Tea - Bouquet




A delightful experience of a very special green tea masterfully blended with the sweet papaya, cream and a light base of amaranth to create this sweet delight.

Packed in foil pouch with zipper to preserve the freshness of your favourite tea.

Flavor includes:

Cream Fantasy (100g) 

Green loose/leaf tea from the high grown elevations of Ceylon with natural papaya, amaranth and flavours strawberry & cream

White Magic (100g) 

Basilur White Moon is a Milk Oolong green tea which comes from an ancient Chinese tradition of Oolong Tea. A tea which will invigorate your mind and soul while calming your senses, providing a distinct milky taste together with the smoky taste of Oolong tea. A one of a kind tea which adds a uniqueness and a whole new path to the experience and the art of drinking tea. A subtle yet a magnificent tea which depicts its own story of Chinese traditions and culture. A silky smooth beverage once brewed with a sweet milky taste and a smoky aroma.

An exotic blend of milky Oolong green tea from the high elevations of Ceylon, fragranced with milk flavour in the traditional age old method adding to an enchanting and delightful scent and flavour

Green Freshness (100g)

This connoisseur’s delight of healthy green tea is masterfully blended with peppermint leaves, amaranth and a touch of safflower to give you a rich, sensual taste.
Green loose/leaf tea from the high grown elevations of Ceylon with natural peppermint leaves, amaranth and safflower

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