Philodendron Birkin


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Ornamental plant with dark green heart shaped glossy leaves which start off green and gradually develop variegation as leaves grow. Brighter light may increase colour contrast also. Usually stays compact.

USE IN: Attractive indoor plant; will grow in subtropical gardens as shaded underplanting.

Pot diameter: 14cm appox
The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Add a decorative pot to complete the look.

It can be sent out in a colorful box or, a ceramic container. Pot are randomly chosen by our florists. Please specify if you have a particular request. 


The Philodendron Brikin will thrive in medium to bright, indirect sunlight

Watering: This plant will cope better on the dryer side as opposed to having its roots constantly in water. It is best to keep the soil lightly moist and let the surface soil dry out before re-watering.
Growth: The Birkin grows at a medium rate. Its white stripes develop with maturity and good light conditions. 

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